Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19, 2009 - Back in the saddle

Hey there, hi there and hello there to one and all. It's been a week now since our return from South America and we're back in the swing of a semi-normal life:) Dribbles, I hope you had a fantastic birthday and I have to send a big happy birthday song out to my mother, mom! It's hard to believe you're going to be 35 again, hope you have a plate-smashing time on your birthday this Thursday;)
I will say that Aflac has been going great over the last few months between the promotion to supervisor and recently finding out that they would be sponsoring my MBA at Emory starting in the fall. Then, I have an absolutely amazing team on top of that so we have been getting quite a bit done. One of the cool new things I get to work on is a brand new focus on leadership development based on the book, "Bringing Out the Best in People." This new 'precision leadership' is based on the science of improving behaviors in your people and it shatters almost every other leadership book's principles that I've read, so it's been quite a chore between learning and the various training modules we have to complete. We're in the midst of trying to save the company even more money too through Online Service improvements and moving communication from paper to email, so the next few months worth of projects will be pretty exciting!
The sports season continues to be in full swing too with our kickball and soccer teams. Our kickball team posted our second victory this week with a convincing 13-2 win which boosted our confidence for a Friday night W in the coed soccer league. I will have to say, Jenny is really getting the hang of this whole "not using her hands" thing:) Training for the triathlon for Labor Day weekend is also going pretty good, but that whole notion of having to breathe when swimming is still getting to me. Hopefully I can get that worked out before the event;)
A few of us helped out the CSU SIFE team this week as they are preparing for the school year and recruiting activities. They are a very driven group for being <1>
O yes, we had a little bit of a shin-dig at our place last night and now I must say ... we are pretty much done (phase 1) with the house as now everything has a place. I tell you what, that is an amazing feeling.
Well, don't know if too much else is going on. Congrats to cousin Allison for the fair win and cousin Kacie again on her engagement. I hope you all have a wonderful week and until next time, have a great night.

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