Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 12, 2009 - Our trip to South America

Hey there, hi there and hello there to one and all. Wow, what can I say ... it sure has been a wondermous couple of weeks abroad. Jenny and I set flight to South America two weeks ago today and returned on Friday relaxed and refreshed after an amazing excursion. Instead of putting my entire journal of the last two weeks in a blog, I figure I would put up a few photos and our latest YouTube addition for your viewing pleasure (
Our first stop was to the beautiful country of Peru where we landed in Lima for an overnight before our flight to Cusco which was 11,000 ft. above sea level. While in Cusco we toured the historically fantastic city set atop Incan ruins with street vendors, beautiful sights and llamas! We took a tour of the city and the Sacred Valley before the big attraction ... Machu Picchu, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. We spent two days in the ancient ruins amidst the mountaintops in awe of the architecture and beauty.
After Machu Picchu, we hopped on a flight to Igauzu Falls in Brazil. This led to our tour of the widest waterfalls in the world, a Natural 7 Wonders of the World finalist and a breathtaking boat ride. The water was powerful and beautiful, a real site to see on both the Brazilian and Argentinian side of the falls. This was followed by an afternoon visit to Paraguay, a crazy country of street vendors and mischief.
Our last stop lay in the mountaintops and beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Here we laid witness to our second of the New 7 Wonders of the World, the gargantuan Christ the Redeemer Statue. Rio was a magnificently modern city with many new amenities and the best of both worlds with the mountains overlooking the Atlantic Ocean beaches. We visited Sugar Loaf mountain, the statue and relaxed on the beach to wrap up our excursion.
Words cannot explain the fantacularness of the trip, so I hope these pictures and video can help bring it justice. Nevertheless, we are both glad to be home and able to chat with family and friends once again.
I must say congratulations to my cousin Kacie for the ring, best of luck to my cousin Allison and Grandpa Klein in their recoveries and a big happy birthday week to Dribbles! Please keep your fingers crossed as Jenny has an interview for an RN position here in town this week, I know she'll do great:)
Lastly, I just received word on Friday that Aflac will be providing me with a full-ride scholarship for my MBA at Emory University, so I start this fall in my pursuit of a graduate degree ... yahoo!
Thanks again to everyone for their thoughts and prayers for safe travels, we made it back without the Swine Flu!
Until next time, have a wondermous week!

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