Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26, 2009 - Welcome to the pad Caden

Hey there, hi there and hello there. Wow, what a week ... had my mom's birthday, my sister came into town and o yeah, we got a dog!
Aflac went pretty darn well this week as there was so much going on. Between Online Service ideas, cost benefit analysis time, future state planning meetings and precision leadership training I barely had time to use the restroom:) Although there were a lot of meetings, the team was on it getting so much accomplished. This week was also Triple Crown week where all of the new and successful Aflac agents come into town to learn about HQ and how the home office supports them. A few of us from Policy Service had the good fortune of interacting with these folks and learning a lot about what they go through, but most everything was positive for PS!
It was a fun week for sports as well ... except for Friday when I had an early exit from soccer, we won't chat about that:) Our soccer team made it back to .500 this week but even more exhilirating was our kickball game. It's the third week of the season and only three teams were left undefeated, one of which was us and one of which was our opponent. After a couple lucky kicks in the first they took a 1-0 lead all the way until the bottom of the 6th. Our leadoff man got on followed by an out and then I was up to kick:) I was a bi unhappy with their pitcher, so I laced into one for a RBI triple to tie the game up. Our next batter popped one up to the 2nd basemen, so I decided to tag and make a mad dash towards home plate for what would be the game winning run ... what an epic battle for first place!
This week was also a big week for the Literacy Alliance. We had our quarterly meeting update where I got to give the treasurer's report (I've had to reach back into my back pocket for my accounting courses on this one) which was followed by a small kick-off for our "Livin' the Dream" program with a local high school. A local TV station covered the story ( We also had a great Rock Solid Financial (RSF) club meeting on Tuesday, gotta love the crew.
Steph joined us this weekend, so Jenny and I went to pick her up in Atlanta and hung out at the iHop before touring the town. We went down to Pemberton place for a walk-a-bout around some street vendors, music and free Coke of course. We came back in town to chill at the pool for a bit before the dog madness began:) So, I thought I would surprise Jenny on her birthday with a dog, but because of a great deal of outside influence and a perfect match at the pet store ... Jenny's birthday surprise moved up a couple weeks. After a cookout at our place, Sunday came and went with the day dedicated to finding a dog kennel. Ok, so we took it one step further and adopted a dog. Caden, a 13 week old Lab/Catahoula mix, is the newest addition to our crew. He hng his head out the window driving home and had great play time with the tennis ball and his food/water bowls in his new home. He and 9 brothers/sisters were left in a box outside someone's home, but after all his shots and a little TLC, he was ready to join us at his new pad. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoy the pooch.
Well, I hope everyone has a great last week of July and I am glad you enjoyed your birthday mom with the gifts!
Until next time, don't forget to have your dogs spayed and neutered:)

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