Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24, 2009 - Love some yardwork!

Hey there, hi there and hello there to one and all. Ok, so I'm another day late on the blog but I thought I would keep everyone on the edge of their seat ... or, I burnt my back so bad out in the sun all day Sunday riding my new bike and working in the yard that I couldn't sit down to write:) Six days until your birthday pops, hope you've got some big plans to celebrate the big day!
Aflac continues to go by in a whirlwind of business planning, community forums and 2010 goal setting. We've really dove into this whole Precision Leadership bit and it's starting to catch on with the team. Instead of the typical "Thank you," accolades are always accompanied by a reasoning for the praise and constant positive feedback are the cornerstones of the new leadership science. Aflac also had Diversity Week last week where we showcased the ethnic, geographical and racial diversity of our great company. The Future State PIC squad definitely dominated the team games from Ghana and Mexico, good times!
In the community, our Live United Youth Camp is coming together nicely as we heard Aflac will sponsor the whole camp with a $1,000 grant:) Twelve 7th grade students are going to have a blast, I can't wait for October! Also, we learned about the Time Raisers event that we will try and put together next year ( It's the whole concept that people don't always have the money to give at an auction, so why not auction off your time ... it's going to be fantacular!
We also finished the season 2nd in the kickball league with tourney time right around the corner. It was a great time and although we're losing a lot of players for next season, but we're pickin' up some great new pals:)
This past weekend happened to be one of my most productive outdoor work weekends I've had since I've been down in Georgia. Jenny and I decided that we would lay down some pavers for Caden's kennel and then some pavement later down the road for a patio extension. It was a lot of work digging up the grass and laying the pavers, but that wasn't it:) We decided to fancy up the mailbox as well, got to love the tiki man as well as the other nice pavers ... pretty fancy I must say.
Triathlon training is going great and Emory starts up this Friday with a leadership immersion two-day course. I'm pretty excited to get back into the classroom and meet some new folks, it should be exciting!
I hope you all have an absolutely fantastic week to wrap up the month of August ... before you know it, Christmas will be here;)

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