Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 13, 2009 - Happy Grandparent's Day:)

Hey there, hi there and a special hello there to all the grandparents out there. Here's to Grandpa Klein, Grandma/Grandpa Seda, Byron, Marjoan and Grandma Park ... you're all amazing and always put a smile on my face. Never will I forget the grandparents that have gone before, thank you for the memories:)
It was a wonderful short week at Aflac, that somehow turned five days of work into four days ... crazy! We were able to meet and greet with the new management in our book club and I really think we've got some great folks taking the lead amidst all this change. We're continuing to drive all of our web service projects and the online social community is just a few weeks away, madness! I had a good bit of one-on-one time with everyone on the team this week which just reiterated my feeling of how awesome of a crew we have. Everyone is clicking well, so I hope we can continue excelling at what we're up to.
Classes up at Emory started up this week as well with Microeconomics on Wednesday night. I have a couple great professors, my econ professor would be a mixture of Steve Gilmour and Roy Pettibone back home. He is a great teacher and super passionate about economics, even when a young guy tried to challenge his supply/demand lesson on the first night ... that was fun while we all watched the prof slam down the poor guy with his words:) My Decision Analysis professor has a pretty dry sense of humor which was hilarious when he point blank told people they were dead wrong, wow! It's a bit different than undergrad in that every single person feels the need to put their 2-15 cents worth in at every moment. I'm trying to sit back, learn and listen for the time being without being that guy, but I'm sure that'll change. I do enjoy being back in the swing of formal education though, even the homework is good to get back into ... I know, I'm different:)
Welp, it was just Caden and I for the last week and a half or so and we've had a blast, but I think we've both missed Jenny a good bit. It's a good thing I'm going to pick her up in a couple hours; I know she had a great time in Hawaii and good times were had with friends and family back home, can't beat 'em.
Well, I should probably go make some welcome home signs or something fancy like that ... or, maybe just go watch some football since I'll be missing some of the Packers game ... go Cheeseheads!
Thanks again grandparents ... I wish you the health and happiness on this Grandparent's Day.

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