Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 20, 2009 - Another day in the neighborhood

Hey there, hi there and hello there. Just another week in the neighborhood and a happy birthday wish to my older cousin Kacie ... lookin' forward to seeing you and grandpa in a couple weeks! Also, a congratulations goes out to our neighbors Andy and Beth on their first newborn son Aiden ... yup, Aiden and Caden are going to be good pals!
Work at the duck was pretty fun this week as we start to figure out our new team structure. We're gearing up for performance appraisal season, so it's going to get a little crazy over the next few weeks I do believe. Wednesday I attended my first state of the company meeting where all the leadership at Aflac gathers to discuss the financial stability of the company and paints a picture for the year to come. Thursday I also had a chance for an all day training course in Precision Leadership. It was great to learn from my peers about their experiences and even tell some personal stories of what was/was not working on the team.
The beginning of the week started off well as I was asked to speak at a local alternate high school by one of my fellow Miss Georgia board members. I used parts of my Prairie High commencement speech to reach out to the students and it went great! I thoroughly enjoy chatting with that age group, even if I only got through to one of them I'll consider it a successful morning:) The Live United Youth Camp is only a month away as well and we're almost done with all of the preparations, I am pretty pumped ... it's going to be a great experience.
O yes, then Jenny and I went on a date ... yeah, a real live date. Mom, you would've been proud, I only used two coupons for the whole date;) We went out to eat and then to a great show at the Springer Opera House, a little Footloose action. It was a great show at the Springer, as always great seats and wonderful acting.
Welp, should be a pretty quick week again this week with lots of work action and school too. A long day up at Emory today helped me realize why I was not a mathematician, who likes regression decision analysis anyways ... yes, I got to draw it out on the big black board:)? Class is going well though, so I guess I'll keep on truckin'.
Don't forget to have a wonderful week ... the countdown is on until I come back home in a couple weeks for the MMC alumni weekend, yahoo!

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