Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 22, 2009 - Thanksgiving Week Begins

Hey there, hi there and hello there to everyone during this Thanksgiving week. First off, I have to give a shout out for a couple Bridgewater birthdays ... Becca Boo Bear and Deb, can't wait to celebrate! I have many things to be thankful for, like family, friends, a great job, my dog, a wonderful girlfriend and at least one healthy leg ... the other one, not so much ... more to come:)
Work was fun this week with all sorts of time spent on the future state of the department as well as plenty of blogging on the Duck Pond! We found out that our team will be physically moving in a couple weeks up to the 2nd floor of our big ol' campus. Our team outing on Friday was a great time as we ventured to the Farmhouse for some good down south country cookin'.

School is just about wrapping up for the semester as well as this last week brought my last Decision Analysis class leaving me with a 2 question final as well as a presentation, group case and in class final for the other ... ok, maybe it's not winding down! Luckily, I think I have most of the work done, just need to hammer it all out.

Thursday night we had a pretty intense quarter-final matchup for our kickball league. After a big win, we qualified for the Thursday night final to be played on Saturday (confusing I know). Saturday is the day that brought the most excitement though as we geared up for an epic battle. It was about the 3rd inning when Jenny made a great snag in the outfield for the second out of the inning and she threw it in. As I jumped up to grab the ball to put the tag on the base runner, I got undercut and unfortunately the ground broke my leg's fall ... apparently it looked pretty nasty as I heard the "pop pop pop" of my leg telling me that wasn't good! As I lay there thinking about how we're going to move people around in the field, everyone came over where we luckily learned, that even though my knee was facing backwards, it was not my knee that took the brunt of it.

My second visit to Jenny's work was indeed not even when she was working, but rather to the ER for a fast track x-ray. Turns out I did twist my leg a bit and that bones don't tend to twist with you, leaving me with a spiral fracture and displacement of my fibula, pretty sweet I know. I made friends with the doctor, so he gave me a copy of the x-ray, which was pretty sweet as you can see. I have to go see a specialist on Monday to determine if I need to have surgery or not, but it looks like it'll most likely be a six week cast/boot. I feel pretty lucky it wasn't my knee or my right leg, but after a day and a half of crutches, I will say that it is just really inconvenient to have a broken leg. Especially with lots of travel coming up. Good thing I have a great girlfriend that has been helping me out quite a bit ... and no, I will not be getting a bell for service:)

Welp, I can't wait to see everyone back home in a couple days and am looking forward to getting lots of food to fill up my boot;) I hope you all have a fantacular Thanksgiving with boundless things to be thankful for!!

Thanks again for the good wishes and have a great eve.



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Hassan El Hussainy said...

Hello Mr. Nateklein..
I read your blog and it seems that i have the same "fibula fracture" that you had , its exactly the same as yours ,
i am worry about if i must need a surgery now or not ! I need to know what the specialist told you when he saw it plz? . I would be grateful if you could let me know that ! Also if you are still suffer of foot movement limitations ?? or abnormal walk till now !?
Plz reply me here or , at :
or search for this email on the facebook.
Thank you ,best regards.