Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8, 2009 - Great Visitor Weekend!

Hey there, hi there and hello there to one and all. What a wondermous week of work and wiley-good times (couldn't think of another W word, so a hyphen works). Steph celebrated her 23rd birthday and this week marks Lindsey's birthday too ... hope it's full of good times o niece of mine;)
It was another one of "those" weeks at Aflac with countless meetings, a few fires but all good times. We had a new member join our team this week, Ivy Hines - a SIFE Analyst from Georgia. Also, Alicia came back after being out for 6 weeks, so it was welcome week on the team. I'm starting to get my head around all the responsibilities a bit more, but when I start putting it down on paper they keep adding up! I guess that is a good thing though since my badge still works, so I will just keep on keeping on;)
I put my first midterm up on the fridge from Emory with a 95%, yahoo. There are many-a-project going on right now, but only three weeks left in my first semester. I actually spent the majority of today up at Emory working on a regression analysis for my Decision Analysis class ... yes, much analysis was involved!! Lastly we worked on the Atlanta Falcons data we received; I'm really looking forward to diving into it to see what recommendations we're able to make to their organization to improve renewal rates for season ticket holders ... a real world example of what we're learning in the classroom.
Kickball was fantastic this week with a big 15-3 win over an undefeated team, doesn't get any better than that. I think every single one of the girls on our team has scored this season now with much excitement. This week also marked the Steeplechase at Callaway Gardens, an absolutely amazing event.
It was all set up for greatness when two of Jenny's sisters, Becca/Kim, and her old roomy Ali came down for an awesome weekend! They arrived Friday morning for a hang out day before Fuji and mini golf. Let's just say that the Fuji mixed with a Scrambledog (chili dog and Japanese Hibachi) made the mini golf quite the experience for my belly and I:). Friday night we turned in early so we could get up to enjoy horsegating (tailgating at a horse race - brilliant). Our group was about 20 strong and after many Capri Sun chugging contest, pigs in a blanket, football tosses and games of bagg-o, we could officially call the party a success at Callaway. Needless to say though, I did not win the fancy hat contest ... probably b/c the Hawks pulled off the first big L of the year.
That evening I headed off to witness the wedding of Rio and Josey down at the Garrett Bullock House. It was a small ceremony, but tons of fun nonetheless. I had some cake, ran around holding other guys' hands (don't ask) and learned a new dance (pictured above). A huge Rock Band party followed at our place where the Bridgewater sisters and Ali dominated the country version of Rock Band. Although their visit was short, it was a blast ... thanks ladies for a great weekend!
Welp, one more weekend closer to the trip back for Thanksgiving and Jenny/I can't wait. Hope everyone has a great week and we're wishing you the best Grandpa, our thoughts/prayers are with you:)
Nate Klein

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