Sunday, March 2, 2008

Week 31 - Walking across fire!

Hey there, hi there and hello there all. March has come in like a lamb down South with 70 degree weather ... I think I even have a jump start on the tan for the year:)
I had my last week in Field Force Development before I start in Sales Promotions tomorrow. FFD is in my top 2 places I've rotated to thus far; the people are amazing, the atmosphere is very energetic and the projects are very progressive/proactive versus some of the other reactive departments I've been in. I'm helping out with what is said to be the company's largest single recruitment initiative to date (top secret, if I told you I would have to kill you:), but it's been fun running back and forth from the design folks, to Compliance and back to the vendor. Hopefully it comes to fruition here in the next week or so ... we will see. I also got my training module back from Compliance and it looks pretty good; hopefully it will go live in the next couple of months. I had another opportunity to meet some folks in Learning to Lead which was a pretty fun employee learning course I took to work my way towards my Leadership Level 1 certification. I also found out this week that I get to travel to Charlotte in the beginning of April to a SIFE Regional to help HR recruit the next batch! I also had the great pleasure of teaching my boss how to play soccer since he is a first time coach and had never played before ... that was hilarious. Yes ladies and gents, the long awaited Mr. Fitness Band video is now available for your viewing pleasure at the following address ... please don't mind the corny unscripted acting!(
I had a couple more soccer practices for the U10 coed team this past week. It is great fun working with these kids and I had a good friend Mike Hope join as an assistant. We started working on goalie skills this past week and that was a blast. We have one more practice tomorrow night before our first game on Thursday ... go team En Fuego! I also had the great fun in helping out with the Literacy Alliance's Trivia Bee on Tuesday evening as the "Vote with Green for your Favorite Team" worker. O, and yes I did sign up to help with the Miss Georgia pageant this year ... crazy I know. I went to their planning session on Saturday and spoke to them all about the ads and program I'd be putting together this year ... I even got a few laughs which was nice! I also got a call from a few folks in the community that told me I was pictured in the local Northland Neighbor newspaper for my pancake flipping skills for Easter Seals ... that was good times!
Friday we got to celebrate Jason's 6th birthday (born on Feb. 29th, so he's still a youngin!) and attend the ol' Cottonmouths game yet again. The weather was so nice this weekend that I was able to get out and do a little bike riding action around the apartment complex, play some basketball with one of my neighbors, lay out and read by the pool and get out to the soccer complex for a pick-up game. I think I burnt my nose, but not as bad as my feet from Saturday night. Six of us SIFErs attended the Fire walk for Chloe event which was a benefit for a local four year old girl that was diagnosed with Neurobloastoma a while back. Our team raised over $3,500 for the event and the 6 of us went through the training to be a fire walker! After some meditation, visualization and pump-you-up music 30 participants took our shoes off, cleared our heads and put fear into action as we walked across 12 feet of 1100 degree burning coals ... ridiculous I know! It was one of the most liberating and amazing experiences I've had in a long time, and I only came away with a couple blisters so I would say it was much worth the effort! (A picture is above with Chloe...
Crazy to think that Steph left last Monday and I get to go back home this Friday ... I am stoked to see the family and friends and do some skiing action with Jenny. This week can never go by fast enough to get to the weekend;) Next week's post may be a bit delayed as I fly back late Sunday night, but until then ... have a fantacular time in whatever you do and remember this morsel of knowledge: "If you never stand out, you'll never be outstanding" (Jim Stovall). Don't be afraid of putting yourself out there ... you may get "burned" a few times, but it's worth it in the end!
Alwayz, Nate


patti.seda said...

Wow - can't wait to see you on the Academy Awards!
Little Bro Blake wants to know if he can have a fitness band, in fact, bring enough for everyone and we can all do Fitness Boy as a fam in the kitchen the next time your home!

patti.seda said...
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Anne said...

I've had one of these fitness bands laying around, but never knew how to properly use it. Now, thanks to the Fitness Band Video, I will be able to utilize it and turn these weak, flabby arms in to arms of steel! Thanks, Fitness Boy! :-) ~Auntie Anne