Monday, March 10, 2008

Week 32 - Greatness comes with a dash of snow!

Hey there, hi there and hello there all. Sorry for the delayed blogging, I was just trying to be like my friends at United Airlines ... more to come on that one!
Work flew by this week for some crazy reason. I'm continuing on with our big recruitment project and should have all the ducks in a row by tomorrow ... get it, ducks in a row! It's pretty cool that I get to help design a website, an ad and work with my ol' buddies in Compliance! I also was able to be the production manager for an incentive project, basically I stuffed boxes with golf balls, tees and a towel which was very exhilarating. I had a pretty cool employee learning class this week on a pretty awesome topic, a Servant Leadership class with Kelvin Redd from the Pastoral Institute.
This was my last week of bowling for the season, it was very sad:( So I decided to go out with a bang 170-136-104 ... what can I say, I've got the skills! I also had another great Friday lesson with the students from the Lasseter Academy, they seemed quite engaged with the budget lesson and I'm hoping to get the Junior Achievement Company program started which would be awesome! O, and I had my first game as a coach and let's just say ... we had a good time, until the game started! We were down 5-0 at halftime, wow did I feel like the biggest loser! Luckily we scored 3 goals and made a bit of a game of it and the kids seemed to have a good time so I consider it a success! I do start playing co-ed and 18+ league this week, so that'll be awesome and I'll pretty much live at the soccer complex.
O yes, and then the weekend came and I got to go home for some skiing action, friend/family gathering and time with the girlfriend ... weird I know;) After a delay and a new airline on Friday, I made it back home to visit with so many awesome friends at Chappy's Drydock in downtown Shueyville! Thank you all for coming out for a bit to say hello and catch-up, it was amazing! Then Saturday morning came quickly for a delicious breakfast with Jenny, mom, dad, barb, nicole, sarah, lyndsay, blake and of course ... steph (can't wait to see you in ten days:). Then it was off to Sundown Mountain for a wonderful day of skiing with Jenny and her friends ... including the fish man! We had a blast on the slopes all day, it was glorious snow, jumped some little hills, got yelled at for sledding on a snowboard down the hill and just had good times. After some hot tubbin and some grub the group of 12 piled in a minivan ... yes, just one ... and went out on the town in Dubuque for some serious karaoke. Let's just say though, Dubuque is the worst town for karaoke due to slow songs and old crowds ... booo! We went back to the hotel and literally trashed the room worse than I've ever seen an apartment which included puppy chow on the floor, Jenny being thrown in a tub full of water fully clothed and a picture frame falling from the wall ... it was immaculate! A couple of hours of sleep later we went back into town to visit numerous family members including Jenny's sister's place in Ely. After a quick hello to Gump and Jenna, it was down to Moline for my flight ... or so we thought! Another glorious, "Your flight is delayed so you will miss your connection," message allowed us some more together time to run around the airport and take the most random pictures. It was a grand ol' time, and after the attendant suggested I take a flight to Denver-Las Vegas-Atlanta (which I should've done to hit all four time zones in one day) I decided to head back to Shueyville and take an early morning flight. Jenny was nice enough to take me back and take me back to Moline this morning ... I have the best flying luck ever by the way! So that was the weekend wrap-up, and it was amazin ... wouldn't trade it for the world! Thanks to everyone for making it fantacular:)
I hope all of your weeks are as wonderful and that smiles fill your days. Remember, that life is like roadkill on a hot summer day. Sometimes it may stink and get a little messy, but overall it's pretty warm and fuzzy! Think about it ... until next time.
You stay classy ... alwayz, Nate

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Ryan Fisher said...

May the smell of the hotel room never leave your nasal passages.