Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 14, 2010 - Happy Valentine's Day

Hey there, hi there and hello there and happy Valentine's Day to one and all. It's been a crazy week from sunshine to snow and back to sunshine today ... maybe snow tomorrow:) A big birthday wish out to Karley and Jason Urell this week, hope Ely treats you well!
For the first time since rain days back at the car wash, I was let out of work early for snowfall. It capped off a work week that just flew by. We had our State of the Company meeting this past week where many of our top leaders, including our CEO Dan Amos, got up to talk about our company's position. Obviously every organization had a rough 2009 and planning for 2010 to be tough as well, but just listening to our leaders was an inspiring opportunity to learn where we're headed over the next year. Our team is really going to focus on the retention piece and hope to push "fast forward" throughout the year. Also this week as our day-long motivational speaker series. All of the leadership, over 100, for the Customer Assurance Organization gathered together for an emotional ride with Brian Biro as he took us through his breakthrough leadership module ... and then some. He brought many to tears with his inspirational stories and everyone got to karate chop through a wood board.
Outside of work this week was pretty fun too. Classes up at Emory are going well with midterm exams just around the corner, crazy to think I'm almost halfway through classes again! I did find out that I might still be able to go to China yet this year, so fingers crossed as I hope to find out by Wednesday.
Also, Columbus was shocked this week with that late week snowfall. Not often that 49 of the 50 states have snowfall all on the same day, but we got about 3 inches of perfect snowman/snowball weather and Caden didn't know what to do with himself:) It was hilarious to watch him eat the snow, play fetch and run around. Caden also had a play date with Jason/Meg's pooch Molly this weekend as she stayed the night Saturday and we hung out all day today as Jenny had to work.
Jenny and I did have a nice date day on Saturday as we played in the snow in the morning, went to Fuji for lunch and then headed to the star-studded flick "Valentine's Day." It was no blockbuster, but it was pretty good I must say ... especially with Jessica Biel/Alba and Jennifer Gardner, they sure are talented! A night walk with the dogs wrapped up a great Valentine's celebration. O yes, I did deliver some home made white chocolate covered strawberries and was apparently voted "Boyfriend of the Day!" Must've been the cut out heart shaped balloons and tissue paper flowers, yup, I'm corny;)
Welp, time to get some dessert and watch the All-Star game ... maybe some Olympics, go Team USA! I'm looking forward to a short week and visit up to a cabin in north Georgia with Jenny, Jason, Meg and the dogs.
Hope you all have a super fantastic week.

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